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Corporate Profile

The company has had its presence in the South Indian Rubberised Coir and Spring mattress market for the past 18 years and has been successful in making an impact and creating tremendous results. Being able to source the market with a wide range of products with the worldly accepted quality ISO 9001 2000 has helped the company to stand apart from the other mattress manufacturers in the market. Millennials have drifted away a lot from the traditional sleeping habits and hours and of course “Digitilisation” as we call it is the reason for it. Having a preference for synthetic products has been very relevant in them.

 Nowadays, back pain and other health problems are very common at an early age and Lush aims to tackle these problems effectively by sourcing the market with orthopedic mattresses. After having a mattress with natural raw materials and proper medicinal qualities, health problems and insomnia can be tackled.

The Design

Create the Most Comfortable Mattress

We followed a determined quest for flawlessness, after sourcing raw materials from various coir farmers, manufacturers and the most comfortably healthy foams.


See, feel and sleep on the difference


Why Choose Sherlon ?

Affordable Comfort

The 1:3 Ratio An average human being needs 8 hours of sleep every night. 8 being 1/3rd of a day Hence the person spends 1/3rd of their life on the mattress they use and that’s why choosing a healthy, reliable and long lasting mattress is important. The mattresses produced at Lush have the main objective set at providing a he customer with the healthiest choice at the best of its quality at affordable, pocket-friendly prices.


The natural coir used in our mattresses are obtained from coconut husk. Coir gives a natural and spring quality to the mattress and by adding another layer of fine quality foam, utmost comfort can be provided with a robust experience.


What People Says?


The Sherlon mattress offers unparalleled comfort and support. I love how it adapts to my body, providing a perfect night’s sleep every time. AIK Mattresses Company has truly outdone themselves with this product.

Samantha William

Content Creator


After trying several mattresses over the years, I finally found the perfect one with Sherlon. The quality and craftsmanship are outstanding, and it’s been a dream to sleep on. AIK Mattresses Company has earned a loyal customer in me

Samantha William

Content Creator


The Sherlon mattress exceeded my expectations in every way. From the eco-friendly materials to the luxurious feel, it’s clear that AIK Mattresses Company put a lot of thought into this product. My sleep has never been better!

Samantha William

Content Creator