Our Certification

As Jimmy Johnson said " The difference between ordinary & Extraordinary is that little extra .The little extra in us made our company accomplish various awards for the best maintenance of the quality.We are proud to announce about the greatest achievement our company has attained –the love and trust of our great customers.The supreme German technology that is used in the production of these mattress ,ensures supreme quality that maximizes comfort and protection..AFI –Advanced Fibre interlocking technology is a states of the art technology in the production of sherlon mattress. We are also certified as ISO 9001 2000 company .we pompously exhibit our achievements below.

Choice for supreme health

Found sleep during the night decides your next day's performance. A good night sleep is equally essential as proper diet and exercise in one's life. Agood mattress is the best available solution to enhance sleep without any further aids. Different studies have proved the importance of a better mattress for the improvement in quality of sleep and comfort. Having a mattress is important for good sleep but, at the same time, changing the existing one to newer models every few years is more important for better results. It's time now to decide whether you need a sound mind in a relaxed body or a stressed mind in a cramped body. The decision is going to change the rest of your life. Make sleep a priority and create a bed time that is relaxing.