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Choice for supreme health.
When dawn to dusk stressful life in this hi- tech world creates the exhort of relax .Sherlon mattress awaits you with the complete relaxation. with immense customer enchantment, sherlon mattress creates a space in your life and makes you vivid. Originated in the land of hospitality ,kannur, sherlon mattress ensures the tradition by providing the need of every customer by manufacturing and selling the sherlon range of mattress ,cushions and pillows.

Stylish products with the worldly accepted quality ISO 9001 2000 makes the company paramount .sherlon company shares the pride in having the wide range of satisfied customers and the demanded clients.Premium ruberised coir and spring under the professionalism of qualified professionals make the products imperative with complete protection and delight .AFI technology make the products dominant and attains esteem from each owners.

Zenith of success being the vision of the company ,we ensure prompt delivery of our stylish &quality products which make our customers-the real kings ,to retain their smiling face &greatful heart.trust &enchantment of our customers leads to our vision in a full swing .

Salient Features .....

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    Comfort : Fast moving world always seek this. At the end of the day when sherlon mattress awaits you with a comfortable relax .it is always a promise to make your day fresh.

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    Support : I'm there with you – a promise of love and affection .our products keeps up this promise with utmost sincerity .latest technology used provides a great support to your body and ensures a complete protection from all tiredness.

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    Perfect shape : When months passes does your bed becomes shabby and saggy? Does your bedroom looses its beauty ? All your discomfort fades away with sherlon products .R&D behind sherlon mattress helps to preserve their shape and prepares your bedroom for a heavenly relax .

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